Our cows

Our black and coloured dairy cows are visible from far away. There are about 600 animals of the type “Holstein Schwarzbunt” of which about 220 are adult cows. A calf is born almost daily and stays with her mother for the first few days of its life. The cattle develop a natural herd behaviour and mentality. They are not aggressive and thus we keep their horns, a part of the body that is indispensable for hierarchy. We do not artificially inseminated our cattle on Brodowin which is why breeding bulls live amongst the herd.

Our cows also have free movement in the stable and choose their neighbours carefully. Spacious stables with lots of straw ensure that the animals feel comfortable in cold and wet weather. The fact that our animals are doing well is evident through the milk that they yield: each dairy cow yields over 7,500 litres of milk per year! This milk arrives at our dairy without long transport routes, where processing takes place on the same day and becomes fresh drinking milk.


The health of our animals is important to us. Once an animal is sick, our vet or an experienced employee prefer to use homeopathic healing methods. The treatments were developed in close cooperation with the Research Institute for Organic Agriculture (FILB) in Switzerland. Our goats and chickens are also cared for with a great deal of empathy until they are fully recovered.

Our fresh Brodowin drinking milk, our mozzarella, our Brodowin sour cream butter, our curd cheese, our red brodowiner, our various beef salami and much more come from our dairy cows.

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