Eier Stil


The fresh green feed that the animals eat in summer, give the yolks a wonderfully strong colour. Every animal can decide freely whether to spend his or her time in the fresh air or in the mobile henhouse. However, pecking and scratching in the company of other hens is usually the method of choice for our chickens.
The eggs of our Brodowin chickens are available in organic shops, in our farm shop and through our direct sales company “Brodowiner Ökokorb”


Chicken keeping in Brodowin is something very special.
With our mobile wheeled hen houses, we are able to offer the animals regular access to different areas, which are always green and rich in nutrients. In addition, we grow the grains for our laying hens and their “brother” roosters on our fields. A chicken eats about 120g of grain a day, with the addition of grass, worms and beetles. The total area required for the chickens outdoor movement and feed cultivation is 55 ha of land. You can find out more about the special features of our chicken keeping and brother roosters here.