The Brodowin delivery service

convenient – fresh – local

You order – we deliver. To Berlin, Potsdam and the surrounding areas.

kontaktbild-neuConvenient: fresh organic food directly to your table!

Would you like to save time and not have to carry heavy shopping bags? Then the Brodowiner delivery service is exactly the right thing for you!
Make your individual purchase online and we will deliver it directly to your front door, whether beverage crates, deep-frozen products, dairy products or fruit and vegetables. The Brodowiner delivery service, also supplies your neighbourhood once a week, saving you time and energy.

By the way: Every week we put together a selection of fruit and vegetable boxes in different sizes. For these boxes and all other products you can easily place a standing order with us and we will deliver automatically. This saves even more time and you don’t have to worry about forgetting to place your order.

Fresh: From the field to your home in one day!

Freshness and quality are very important to us. We try to keep the route from the harvest to your door as short as possible and regularly check the quality and freshness of the goods. The best vegetables from today’s harvest can be on your table tomorrow. With one click you can order online or call us.

Local: Our region is close to our heart!

For years we have maintained close relationships with many organic farms in Brandenburg. We buy our fruit and vegetables from here first! In this way, we not only strengthen the local regions diversity, but also bring a piece of Brandenburg to Berlin. Only when certain foods are out of season, do we buy them from other sources.

This is how it works

Our Brodowiner organic delivery service supplies the entire city of Berlin as well as Potsdam, Königs-Wusterhausen and the Barnim and Uckermark regions. Once a week we will deliver to your neighbourhood. Simply enter your postcode in the box below and find out when we deliver to your area.

Please note that our online shop is only in German. However, please feel free to call us or send us an email if you need any assistance placing your order, and we will be glad to help you!

Telephone: 03334 81 81 300


You do not live in Berlin or the surrounding area? We also deliver by post!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How do I order for the first time?

Fill your shopping cart as desired and click on Registration and Date in the shopping cart. Follow the registration and choose an available delivery date. Enter your desired payment method and confirm the terms and conditions. Your registration is now complete. As a last step, confirm your order by clicking on “Buy” or “Payment with Paypal” in the shopping cart.

By when do I have to place my order?

The order deadline is always 5:00 a.m. on the day before your delivery. For example, if you are a Wednesday customer you should place your order by 5:00 a.m. on Tuesday.
The only exception is the Saturday delivery – here the order ends on Thursday at 12 o’clock. Postal customers can place orders up to 2 days in advance. Bread orders can be placed until 10.00 am two days before your delivery.

What is the minimum order value and delivery fee?

The minimum value of ordered goods required to make a delivery is 20.00 €. The delivery fee is 3.50 € irrespective of the order value.

When will my crate be delivered?

The regular delivery takes place from Tuesday to Saturday. As our tours include fixed routes, the delivery date depends on your address / postal code. The day before your first delivery we will call you by phone and inform you about the approximate delivery time. There are various unpredictable factors that can influence the delivery time and therefore we cannot specify the exact time of delivery when you place your order. The day before your delivery we will arrange a time-window with you for your delivery. Our drivers operate on a set route and therefore the delivery will start occurring at similar times after a few deliveries.

Unfortunately it is not possible to take into account specific time requests for delivery. New addresses are slotted into a fixed spot onto an existing route which determines the time of delivery. We appreciate your understanding.

Can my delivery also be done on a different day?

Yes, for an extra charge of 5 € we are happy to deliver on any day other than your regular delivery day, except Sundays and Mondays. The delivery conditions are the same as for your regular delivery.

Do I have to be present at the delivery?

No. Just name a place that is sheltered from the wind, cool in summer and frost-free in winter. If you live in an apartment building, we will be happy to put the box in front of your apartment door. Alternatively, it can be arranged to hand the crate to your neighbour. Delivery can also be made by Post for an extra charge. Or use one of our public delivery points.

How does the payment work?

You will receive an invoice with each delivery. Payment is made conveniently by direct debit. For this we need a direct debit authorisation from you. We debit the invoice amount from your account depending on the delivery frequency. Alternatively we offer PayPal as payment method.

Please note that the final invoice amount may differ from the order value, as we weigh in goods with weight-dependent prices to the nearest gram and charge accordingly. Of course we try to keep the difference as small as possible.

How is the price of the pre-packed boxes calculated?

We weigh your fruit and vegetables to the gram. This means that you only pay for as much goods as you actually receive. The prices of the pre-packed boxes are guideline values, from which we usually deviate only very slightly.

Do I trigger a subscription with my order?

No, you do not automatically trigger a subscription for your order.

However, if you would like to receive certain products or combinations on a regular basis, you have the option of creating a standing order for each item. To do this, click on an item and change the “one-time” tab to your preferred delivery schedule.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What if I don't like or cannot tolerate certain types of vegetables in the prepacked crates?

No problem. Let us know of your preferences in the online shop under “Your order message”, alternatively you can inform us by phone or e-mail. We then take your preferences into account when packing your box whether it is a single order or a recurring order.

What happens if an ordered item is sold out?

In some cases there is a lot of time between the order and the delivery. For this reason it can occur that an item is out of stock. In such cases, we will exchange the original item with a similar one. For example, loose carrots are replaced by bunched carrots or large-leaved oats are replaced by small-leaved oats. However, if you do not want these items to be automatically exchanged, you can simply inform us by leaving a message under “Add note” in your shopping cart.

How does the deposit system work?

We deliver your order in a crate with a cover. The following deposits will also appear on your invoice:

Normal Crate: € 5.00

Crate with Styrofoam Insulation: €10.00

Crate-Cover: €10.00

In addition to this, there is also a deposit on certain beverage containers (for example milk bottles, beverage bottles and other containers). In order to have the deposit credited back onto your account simply place the crates, covers and bottles in front of your door which the driver will pick up. The value of your deposit will be credited back to you on your next order and will be visible on the corresponding invoice. As a first time customer you will only see the first credit on your third invoice, which only occurs once-off. For a detailed explanation please click on the following link:

What if I go on holiday, do I have to cancel my subscription?

No, a call (0800-BRODOWIN, 0800-27636946) or an e-mail ( is all it takes. Tell us how long you want us to suspend the delivery for and after your holiday the deliveries will continue as usual.

Do you also deliver on public holidays?

We deliver on every day except for 25 & 26 December and 1 January. In the event of an exception, we will inform you about this via our customer letter and on the home page of the online shop.

What happens if there is something wrong with the delivery?

Of course we will be there for you if there is a problem with the delivery. Simply call our customer service (03334/8181300) or send us an email with your concerns:

With the additional reference to the online dispute resolution platform, we are complying with our general information obligation, Section 36 of the VSBG.

What do I do if I want to stop my orders?

In the event that you want to stop your orders, a phone call (03334/8181300) or a short email ( is sufficient. Our customer service department will then arrange for any crates or other deposit items to be collected at the next possible date. The corresponding deposit credit will then be transferred back to your bank account.