Brodowiner Zicke

Goat cheese

We preserve the mild aroma by processing the milk of our goats immediately on our own dairy farm.

Our goat’s cheese is available in organic shops, in our farm shop and through our direct sales outlet “Brodowiner Ökokorb”.


Hard goat’s cheese

The counterpart to the farmer’s cheese made from cow’s milk is our Brodowin goat cheese. We offer it exclusively in the flavour “natural”. Due to its fine goat note and the strong taste, it is also a real pleasure on its own.

Fresh goat cheese “Brodowiner Zicke”

Our cream cheese made from goat’s milk is processed entirely by manual work. Trowel by trowel, the thickened milk is filled into moulds. After 24 hours, the excess whey drains off and the cheese retains its typical pyramid shape. Next, it is de-moulded, salted and carefully packed.

“Brodowiner Zicke” is adorned with a colourful “cap” of herbs and is available in the following varieties:

  • “Natural” approx. 200g
  • “Garlic herbs” approx. 200g
  • “Paprika-herbal” approx. 200g
Brodowiner Zicke Stil
Ziegenfrischkäse Natur

Goat’s cheese “creamy stirred”

Our “Brodowiner Zicke Nature” has also been available since the spring of 2015 in a 150g pack. Stirred, creamy and in a new design.

Goat cheese in salt brine

Our Brodowin goat’s cheese in salt brine is a feta cheese made from 100% goat’s milk. We recommend serving it diced with salad and olives, as an ingredient in oven dishes or simply straight on bread.

Ziegenkäse in Salzlake