Animal husbandry

As a Demeter farm, animal husbandry is an inseparable part of ecological and sustainable agriculture. In Brodowin, we keep three different species of animals: around 220 dairy cows, over 200 goats and in five mobile barns we keep 1600 laying hens and the same number of brother roosters.


Our cows

The cattle on the farm are an important part of the bio-dynamic recycling economy. They eat grass from the pasture, hay, silage and grain from the fields. The nutrients that the soil has put into the plants are returned to the soil through the manure produced by the cows.

Our goats

Since we took over a complete herd of goats from another farm in 2009, we have also been keeping cheerful milk goats in Brodowin. Fresh drinking milk, cream cheese and hard cheese are made from their milk.

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Our hens & roosters

In Brodowin, about 1600 laying hens live in mobile chicken houses, can pick and scrape and lay an egg on average every 1 & 1/2 days. Since 2014 we have been keeping “brother” roosters in addition to the hens, giving the male animals a chance to live.