Bicycle trails and hiking paths

Hiking paths

(1) From Brodowin “Rummelsberg” a wide view opens up over the fields and lakes. Ornithologists also enjoy coming here to watch rare bird species.

(2) The ancient tree population and the ruins of “Mariensee” monastery make the Pehlitzwerder peninsula in Parstein Lake particularly attractive. The camping site that is located there is an ideal spot to unwind or to swim in the Parstein lake.

(3) The ancient “Amts” path connects Brodowin and Chorin. It leads through impressive beech tree forests to the “Amts” lake and from there to the famous Cistercian abbey of Chorin monastery.

Wanderweg am Rummelsberg

Bicycle trails

Cistercian trail
The 36km route leads past the Niederfinow ship lift and Chorin monastery. You will cycle along the Finow channel or the Oder River and pass through the wide planes of the lower Oder valley and the section where the lower Oder splits. The trail will lead you past Parstein Lake, the largest lake of Barnim countryside. Immerse yourself in the forest strewn scenery around Chorin. The little “Rummelsberg” at Brodowin offers a wonderful view over the lake dotted landscape and the mountain range of Chorin’s “Endmoränenbogen”.

Chorin trail
This tour leads right around the village of Chorin, recognised by its well-known monastery ruins, as well as through the eastern part of Schorfheide-Chorin’s biosphere reserve and part of the Uckermark region. You can then view the largely restored historical centre of Angermünde or the nearby Blumberger mill. On this 60km trip you will once again cycle past the Parstein Lake and Brodowin eco-village on your way to Chorin.

Ice-age trail
This is the longest bicycle trail and includes all aspects of Barnim countryside. You will pass lakes and moors, cycle through the broadleaf forests of hilly terminal and ground moraines and through the Sander pine forests. The ice-age trail will almost lead you through the entire Barnim countryside. The cities of Eberswalde and Bernau are ideal stops for a walk through the old city. The trail’s distance of 132km is rarely completed in one day, but you will find many inviting places along the way to take a rest or spend the night.

This trail leads through Barnim countryside via three trans regional bicycle paths. From Berlin you will cycle via Bernau and Biesenthal, along the shores of the Werbellin Lake, on the Berlin-Usedom-bicycle path and through the forest and lake strewn landscape to Chorin monastery and the Niederfinow lift-lock. When you are on the Oder-Havel bicycle trail or the Treidel-path this trail will lead you – from Niederfinow onwards – through the delightful landscape of the Finow channel. If you follow the Barnim-triangle from Chorin train station you will have completed 100km.

Bicycle and hiking maps

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