Wurst & Fleisch

Meat and Sausages

Besides our delicious dairy products, you will also find a delicious selection of meat and sausages in our assortment.
During the production process, we place a lot of emphasis on careful processing in order to ensure the high quality of the raw ingredients and therefore produce top quality products. In order to achieve this, we closely cooperate with experienced organic farming enterprises such as the Künkel butcher in Lunow.

Our meat and sausage products are sold in organic shops, in our farm shop as well as via our direct sales channel “Brodowiner Ökokorb”.


Sausage in a jar

Since 2013, we have been producing different sausages in 100g glass jars. Both Demeter beef from our farm and organic pork from neighbouring farms are processed. The result is a diverse range with something for everyone.

The following varieties are available:

  • “Feine Leberwurst” – Fine liver sausage
  • “Kräuter Leberwurst” – Herb liver sausage
  • “Jagdwurst” – Hunting sausage
  • “Blutwurst” – Blood sausage
  • “Frühstücksmett” – Ground breakfast pork

Beef salami

Our Brodowin beef salami has a strong taste and a firm consistency. Our three varities go well on bread, as a pizza topping or in Soljanka among many other options!

The following types of beef salami are available:

  • Nature, 150g
  • Pepper, 150g
  • Garlic, 150g

“Bratwurst” and “Knacker”

In addition to our range of individually packaged sausages, we also offer various other sausages such as our hearty beef “Knacker” and fine “Bratwurst”.

The following items are currently available in one kilogram packs:

  • Brodowiner House salami
  • Brodowiner Beef “Knacker”
  • Brodowiner Chilisausage (with goat meat)
  • Brodowiner Beef “Bratwurst”
  • Brodowiner Thymian “Bratwurst”

Fresh meat

A delicious piece of Demeter beef rib-eye-steak or a delicate saddle of goat’s lamb is not easy to come by. The bio-dynamic rearing of animals is very costly and time-consuming, which means that Demeter meat is often only available at selected farms and rarely available in typical organic trade outlets.
The fresh, Brodowin beef or goat kid meat is regularly available. A great variety is on offer and is only available through our online shop and delivery service “Brodowiner Ökokorb”.