Why Brodowin

Organic by nature

A balanced diet is key to staying strong and healthy. The naturally high nutrient content, as well as the fact that one can actively avoid consuming harmful toxins, is why more and more people are choosing to eat organic produce. One can truly see and taste this when eating our organic produce, which we in Brodowin make according to Demeter farming practises.

Täglich für Sie geöffnet: unser Hofladen direkt neben der gläsernen Meierei
Open daily for you: our farm shop right next to the glass dairy
Für den Schutz von Flora & Fauna - bei uns wird Naturschutz großgeschrieben
For the protection of flora and fauna – nature conservation is very important to us
In Brodowin spielt Handarbeit noch eine große Rolle - von der Saat bis zur Ernte
In Brodowin, manual work still plays a major role – from the seed to the harvest

Mehr als nur Händler - in Brodowin werden über 80 verschiedene Produkte erzeugt
More than just a seller – over 80 different products are manufactured in Brodowin

“Ökodorf Brodowin” represents:

✅ Regional focus

Brodowin food produce is authentic, seasonal and environmentally friendly. These products are usually already in your home or on the organic supermarket shelf a day after being freshly harvested.
However, not only our own products are important to us, but also those of approximately 50 partner organisations in the region. We provide them with a business and operational platform from which they can sell their products while leaving their branding in place so that their identity remains in tact. We believe that this is necessary to achieve diversity in rural areas.

✅ Short transportation distances

“Why wander into the distance if goodness is so close by!” these are the words of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe who could have never imagined that food produce would one day travel further than the person who consumes it.
In Brodowin everything is situated within close proximity. For example the pastures are next to the dairy and the local butcher is located in a nearby village. The eco-baskets that are delivered to Berlin, follow carefully planned routes which are optimised from both an environmental and economic point of view. Our farm shop offers a great variety of products directly from the farm.

✅ Transparency

A promise that we take literally:
Feel free to contact us in order to get more details on where the Brodowin produce comes from and under what conditions it is grown and harvested. Furthermore, the farm can always be visited where every step of the processing of the milk production is visible through the glass facade of the dairy.

✅ Service

We are pioneers in in the field of delivering top quality organic produce to private households, kindergartens and cafés. Every delivery is carefully thought out in order to satisfy our customer desires for top quality produce.
In addition to this, our farm shop and monastery café (Klostercafé) offer first class catering services for weddings, birthdays and many more events. We regularly receive visits from tour groups, which involves a guided tour followed by a unique dining experience for each guest.

✅ Regional employment

When we founded this enterprise, shortly after the reunification of Germany, there were two aspects which were particularly important to us. These were protecting the environment as well as maintaining and creating employment opportunities. We have been successful in achieving both of these aspects.

In the 25 years of the existence of Ökodorf Brodowin the unemployment rate has never risen to above 5%. Currently we employ over 110 permanent staff and up to 25 seasonal workers, of which seven are people with disabilities.

✅ Environmental conservation

For us it is a given that our operations are carried out according to strict Demeter guidelines. Furthermore, we strive to actively promote environmental conservation with the assistance of a foundation for nature conservation. Around 10 different nature conservation projects intersect with our daily work which requires detailed planning and commitment during implementation. The ultimate goal is to achieve harmony between agriculture and our unique natural environment.

✅ Further training and development

Every year young people are trained in the different fields of expertise on our farm, for example, in the processing of milk, animal husbandry and crop cultivation. School children and interns also have the opportunity to discover the world of organic farming. Various scientific studies have been performed through the collaboration with universities and higher education institutions in Eberswalde and Berlin. The valuable findings from these studies continually enriches our work.

✅ Social commitment

The “Ökodorf Brodowin Gisela und Werner Upmeier Stiftung – Stiftung für Naturschutz, Umwelt und Soziales” is a foundation that not only promotes nature conservation but also the development of an environmental awareness amongst children, youths and the elderly. Furthermore, its presence is felt in the community by creating living spaces and jobs for people with disabilities. The foundation does this by cooperating with other non-profit organisations and associations.

Come for a visit and see for yourself! You and your children will see where the vegetables grow, how our goats, cows and chickens live and where the milk in the bottle comes from.

Join one of our guided tours to get to know our Demeter operation. If you prefer to explore the village and the farm individually, we recommend that you start at our farmshop which is directly next to our modern dairy.

Mitarbeiterfoto April 2014

Willkommen im Ökodorf Brodowin!