Farm tours

We offer guided tours around the farm, whether for expert visitors, students, pupils, company outings or families. Our visitors will be able to take a look behind the scenes and gather knowledge and experience about organic farming – from production to the route that products follow onto the shelves.

Guided tours take place every Saturday in the summer, our exact dates can be found HERE. Registration is not necessary.

Hofladen Café

Further guided tours around the farm can be arranged individually. Call us on 0174/2957861 or send us an e-mail to
The various types of tours and corresponding costs are described in the table below.

You can book a meal with cake or a hearty meal (e. g. soup) in the farm shop after the guided tour. For this a reservation is necessary, because the cake is freshly baked in the farm shop and the snack will be prepared freshly for you.

What we offer

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Kinder im Stall

Why are farm tours so important? Children and young people often perceive agricultural products and foodstuffs only as “ready-made products” in the shop. They rarely have realistic ideas of where the food actually comes from and how it is produced. Smelling, touching, seeing and doing are the focus of our farm tours. Whoever comes to us can experience agriculture with all senses!

Logo Demonstrationsbetrieb

Our farm is an approved demo-farm. The nationwide network of demonstration farms for organic farming was established in 2002 through the initiative of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture. It is an essential building block for supporting ecological and sustainable agriculture.
Currently, around 240 selected organic farms are active in this network. Under the motto “Experience organic personally”, we open our doors and gates to everyone who is interested. We “demonstrate”, without filters, how widely diversified organic farming is and how it works in practice.
Are you interested in further information about the network of demon-farms for organic farming? Then contact us or inform yourself here: