Cow’s milk

Our Brodowin milk is available in bottles and bags – as full-cream milk with at least 3.7 % fat or as low-fat milk with 1.5 % fat. The freshly extracted milk is bottled daily in the farm’s own dairy plant and take one day to get to the shops or to your home.

Brodowin milk is not homogenised, which is why the milk creams as it used to when your grandparents were still young. The typical cream plug forms in the neck of the bottle after a few days. This is a sign of their natural quality! If you do not like the creaming, just shake the bottle before opening it. In the brown 1-litre returnable bottle, the milk can be stored for at least seven days just like in the bag. We do not produce so called extended shelf life (ESL) or long life milk.

As an alternative packaging option, we offer the milk in a disposable bag made of Calymer™. The tear-resistant material consists of 40% chalk. With a weight of only 16 g, the milk bag only takes up a third of the volume compared to conventional cardboard packaging. It can easily be disposed of with the recycled waste.
More information on this disposable packaging can be found here.


In June 2013, our milk was tested by Stiftung Warentest and awarded the best possible grade namely “Very good“.
In October 2007, our milk factory was awarded the Bio-Food Processing Innovation Prize at the Anuga trade fair in Cologne in the category of small businesses. The jury praised the introduction of the innovative single use milk bag.
In February 2007, we received the Golden DLG Award for excellent milk quality at the BioFach for our milk.

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