Cooking oils

Sunflowers and linseed plants thrive in our Brodowin fields. On our farm, we press the seeds into sunflower seed oil and linseed oil. Each bottle is filled, packed and labelled by hand.
Our Brodowin oils are available in organic shops, in our farm shop and through our direct sales company “Brodowiner Ökokorb”.

Sonnenblumenöl Stil

Sunflower seed oil

Approx. 3 kg of sunflower seeds are required to make 1 litre of Brodowiner sunflower seed oil. The sunflowers, for this purpose, are sown and cultivated in April on about 30 hectares of land in and around Brodowin and harvested between September and October.
The seeds are then gently cold pressed in our own small press. The suspended particles, that are naturally present in the oil, take about 10 days to settle. Once this process is complete, the oil is finally ready to be bottled. Just like the labelling, we do this by hand.

The high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids makes our Brodowin sunflower oil a valuable part of our daily diet. With its delicate, slightly nutty taste, it is ideal for cold dishes such as salads, mayonnaises and antipasti, but also for baking, steaming and cooking.
It should be stored in a dark and cool place and used within one year.
Brodowin sunflower seed oil is available in a 500ml light-proof bottle.

Linseed oil

Our high-quality, cold-pressed Brodowiner linseed oil is characterised by a slightly tart taste. Like all vegetable fats, it is naturally free of cholesterol and contains more than 70% unsaturated fatty acids, mainly the essential α-linolenic acid for our body.

Regular consumption supports a conscious and balanced diet and at the same time benefits every gourmet dish. It goes together very well with potatoes and curd cheese.

We fill our linseed oil into brown 100ml light-proof bottles. Linseed oil should be stored in the dark and used within half a year to preserve its tart flavour.

Leinöl Stil