Our goals

The farming methods of the former LPG (“Landwirtschaftliche Produktionsgenossenschaft”), which cultivated the land in and around Brodowin until the German reunification in 1990, resulted in the destruction of forests, meadows, swamps and lakes, soils and native wildlife for many years.
It was only the political turnaround, that gave us the opportunity to take our destiny and that of our environment into our own hands – and and along with this came a great deal of responsibility.
We took this responsibility very seriously from the outset. This required numerous rounds of discussions amongst Brodowin farmers, activists and conservationists as well as among Brodowin’s inhabitants.

Two goals were set at this turning point’s “round table”

  1. As many jobs should be maintained as possible.
  2. Brodowin’s unique nature needed long term sustainable protection.

The foundation stone for these goals were set when “Ökodorf Brodowin” inaugurated itself as an organic farm following the principles and guidelines of Demeter. Throughout the region, many jobs were lost as farms took the tough road of restructuring. However, in Brodowin unemployment never rose above 5%. We owe this to our organic farming methods. Even today truly organic farming involves a lot of manpower and less automation. Added to that, we have continually been able to diversify the farm.

Sicht auf Brodowin

Today our farm stands on three pillars, farming, production and distribution. It provides jobs for over 100 people. We face new challenges, complications and tasks on a daily basis by keeping our goals in mind. In addition we regularly set ourselves new targets. It is important to pursue topics such as inclusion, research, education and social commitment, which influence our daily work. On the following pages, we hope to give you an insight into what we have already achieved and show you current and future areas that are still on our “To Do List”.