The Delivery Service Team

Our careful packers

Here your order is sorted by careful hands into a green, reusable plastic box. Four employees carefully place your goods in your box in the “green area” at four successive packing stations. Of course, nothing is allowed to squashed. This means: at packing station 1 the heavy items such as cabbage, pumpkins or honey are packed in jars; at packing station 4, for example, biscuits, herbs and leaf salad are added.

Since February 2015, we have been packing all sensitive and refrigerated foods in a specially equipped “white area”. Here cheese, sausage and meat are cut according to your order before packing and then packed in the boxes at two packing stations.

Each box is cleaned before being delivered again, so that you always receive a “fresh” box.


Our friendly staff on the phone

You can reach us under the free service number 0800-BRODOWIN (0800-27636946)

Evelyne Stockman
Distribution, wholesale and retails customer service


Manuela Masuch
Customer service

Michaela Steg
Customer service


Philip Kewenig

Customer Service

The Team behind the scenes

Rainer Herrmann
Head of department, Deliveries

Katrin Schleinitz

Christian Henning

Sebastian Fiedler
Head of Kitchen production

Ricardo Ebel
Dispatcher & tour planning

Simone Patzwald

Franziska Rutscher
Quality Assurance and hygene

Franziska Rutscher-neu