Village life

Brodowin has developed a lively and multi-faceted village community.
Children are a special focus of many activities. In the mornings, children from Brodowin nearly fill a whole school bus. After school, they enjoy a variety of activities such as sports, Christian confirmation classes, multi-faceted music lessons, drama groups, children’s choir or simply playing on the village greens. The society “Der Mensch Brodowin e.V.” has established a small children’s workshop. This is where dedicated parents nurture children’s creativity and environmental consciousness. Brodowin’s successful soccer team is usually always one of the top ranking teams in the league.

A dedicated group of amateur actors performs a play for our annual village festival which is met with great enthusiasm. It is also performed in neighbouring villages and on other occasions. The village festival takes place on the village green and is always worth a visit. Almost all societies participate in this colourful event. If the weather doesn’t play along the activities are shifted to “Schwarzen Adler”, a restaurant on the village green. The festival usually ends with cheerful dancing in the evening.

Brodowin Dorfstraße

The commitment of “Ökodorf Brodowin e.V.” (Brodowin eco-village society) is particularly noteworthy. Many dedicated citizens regularly meet to support conservation projects in the close surroundings. For example, unwanted trees and shrubs are specifically removed from dry grasslands, the breeding behaviour of sea swallows is documented and protective fences are erected for amphibians. The society oversaw a 5-year research project aimed at solving conflicting goals between organic farming and nature conservation. Its most recent project focusses on establishing a visitor’s information centre and exhibition space in Brodowin.
Due to strong interest in the field, the book “Brodowiner Bauerngärten“ (Brodowin cottage gardens) appeared independently of a planned exhibition titled “Ökodorf Brodowin heute” at the end of 2013. The book presents the portraits of 33 Brodowin garderners and their gardens which, due to their diversity, offer habitat to numerous plants and animals.

Let’s not forget Brodowin’s annual “Hoffest” (Farm festival). Every year many visitors come from near and far to visit our agricultural undertaking. Whether it is our cow shed, dairy, nursery or farm shop, every part of the farm prepares for this day and looks forward to welcoming many interested visitors. Exhibitors fill our farm with the most varied ideas. For children in particular, this is a wonderful day: they can spend it on horseback, in piles of straw, on an impressive tractor or with a new born calf. If you would like to discover the finest organic specialities, our farm festival is a must.

Das Ökodorf Brodowin ist Sponsor der örtlichen Fußballmannschaft
Das Ökodorf Brodowin ist Sponsor der örtlichen Fußballmannschaft
Findet jeden Sommer statt: Der Brodowiner Naturlauf
Findet jeden Sommer statt: Der Brodowiner Naturlauf

With support from the farm “Ökodorf Brodowin” our sports club established the first ever Brodowin Nature-Run in 2007 which is split up into various age categories. The route leads through magnificent landscapes around Brodowin and its surrounding forests.

If you would like to enjoy the landscape around Brodowin, we suggest a picnic on the “kleiner Rummelsberg” hill, one of the many concerts of the “Brodowiner Kirchensommer” (Brodowin Church Summer Festival), a leisurely bicycle trip or a relaxed afternoon, fishing at the Parstein Lake.
In the summer time, Brodowin welcomes many visitors wanting to experience its unique nature amidst 7 lakes. We warmly welcome you and look forward to your visit.

The following list provides an overview of the many societies that the approximately 430 residents are engaged in:

Brodowin´s Societies

Brodowin´s rifle club
Association for indigenous people

Brodowin Village Club
Village theatre

Voluntary fire service

Chruch choir
Mensch Brodowin

Brodowin eco-village
Brodowin eco-village agricultural association