Our Philosophy on Food

Appreciation of man, animal and plant –
How we counteract food waste in Brodowin

A lot of work is done on our food before it arrives on your table. For example, a plant was cultivated, cared for and watered. Weeds were removed and it was protected from pests. For animals, they are conceived, born, raised, fed and kept clean with our utmost attention.
Every day in Brodowin, we do our best to produce an excellent and top quality final product – whether it is milk, cheese, sausage or vegetables.

According to a study done by the WWF in 2015, some 18 million tonnes of food in Germany are wasted every year, or 313 kg/second. The latest investigations show that more than half of this can be avoided. Particularly in food-producing companies, edible products are disposed of in large quantities and in many cases only small deviations from the norm are the deciding factor.


In Brodowin we oppose this trend!

We provide our customers with impeccable products of excellent quality, with one important difference: we don’t waste. For example, when we harvest cabbages that are too small for distribution or the leaves on our leaks have withered, our kitchen processes them into a wide variety of dishes. Therefore we have no reason to dispose of this food. Not only have we avoided unnecessary waste, but have also created a tasty new product.

It goes without saying that current food standards are constantly adhered to. Products that are clearly no longer suitable for human consumption will find grateful mouths in our stables or at feed lots, which we will supply depending on demand. Pigs are especially happy about the feed because as omnivores, much of it belongs to their diet anyway. The last option – our compost heap – has shrunk to a size that is hardly worth mentioning since the introduction of this measure.


Value creation does not begin and end with the rescuing of crooked cucumbers. During slaughter, for example, between 20 to 55% of an animal does not end up on the consumer’s plates but in the garbage, depending on the type of animal.

Our cattle, goats and chickens are also slaughtered at some point – but unlike many specialised companies, we take back almost all parts of the carcass.
From the bones and the meat that is left, we cook several hundred litres of fresh broth every year. This also serves as the basis for other dishes and has thus become a valuable cornerstone of our production. We would like to rediscover internal organs, which were popular ingredients a few decades ago, and bring them closer to our customers. Through our creative cooking kidneys, rumen and cattle tongue have become unique delicacies in Brodowin. We hope that this will encourage our customers to not only order breasts or legs, but also try the rest of a rooster or cow.

With the raising of brother roosters, we have taken responsibility and give the animals a chance to live. Males, generally seen as a “by-product” of the laying hens are usually killed senselessly directly after hatching. In Brodowin, 1600 animals per year can be roosters for up to 22 weeks – on organic areas with plenty of space and farm-owned feed. In order to finance the costly Demeter farming, we constantly come up with new products such as a pure poultry salami made of 100% poultry meat.

In addition to recycling in our kitchen, we also try draw attention to the problem of food waste by providing information and education on a regular basis. In our online shop, you will therefore find first choice products as well as alternative items, available at a reduced price. Our customer reception of this endeavour shows promising results and we would like to expand our efforts in the future.

The appreciation of our food and the avoidance of unnecessary food waste is a task, in our eyes, that needs to be approached creatively and energetically.


With the purchase of Brodowin products you will be supporting our efforts to reduce food waste.