Ziegenmilch Stil

Goat’s milk

Mild and tasty!

Even goat milk sceptics have confirmed the delicate, mild taste of Brodowin goat’s milk. We achieve this by processing the fresh milk immediately. This is easily done with the short transport routes: from the milking parlour to the dairy is only a stone’s throw away.

Ziegenmilch im Stroh

Goat’s milk is not a new discovery, as even Hippocrates trusted in the healing powers of goat’s milk way back in the antiquity. With modern technology it has been possible to determine the presence of short and medium-chain fatty acids as well as tiny fat globules in the “white gold”, all of which are said to improve digestibility. Since goat’s milk contains a different milk protein, it is also suitable for people allergic to cow’s milk.
Important substances include vitamin D, A and niacin. Pregnant women should note that the milk contains only a small amount of folic acid and vitamin B12.

Our fresh Demeter goat’s milk is pasteurised, non-homogenised and has a natural fat content of at least 2.8%.