Butter and quark

Our Brodowin quark and butter can be distinguished by their pure taste which is a result of careful processing. Due to the high demands we already make on milk as a raw material, food items with a wide range of uses are created that meet even the strictest requirements.
Brodowiner butter and quark are available in organic shops, in our farm shop and through our direct sales channel “Brodowiner Ökokorb”.


Sour cream butter

Our Brodowin sour cream butter is traditionally made from cream.
For this purpose, the cream is separated daily from the fresh milk. It is then pasteurised and mixed with an acidifying bacteria. These reduce the pH-value in the cream and allow it to mature so that the taste can fully develop.
The cream ripens for one day and is then put into the traditional butter barrel and turned for one hour. The fat globules clump together and the buttermilk separates. Washed, kneaded and shaped with cold water, the 250g pieces are formed and packed by hand.

The colour, consistency and spreadability of the butter vary with the cow feed according to the season. When the cows eat the first fresh grass in spring, the milk is richer in unsaturated fatty acids, making the butter softer and more yellow. In winter, on the other hand, it is more hard to spread due to the higher percentage of saturated fatty acids.

In both summer and winter, our sour cream butter is a tasty, healthy spread and an indispensable ingredient in every kitchen – good butter that deserves its quality rating, without colour additives or homogenisation technology. Maybe that is why the Brodowin butter “splashes” you sometimes. This is not a production fault, but a trapped water droplet. Embrace this natural phenomena and enjoy the delicious taste!


Whether served as a dessert with fresh fruit or refined with aromatic herbs to make boiled potatoes – our Brodowiner quark convinces with its quality and taste.

Available in low-fat or regular in 250g cups.

Süßer Quark

Quark belongs to the group of cream cheese, i.e. it is a cheese that hasn’t ripened. It is available with different fat contents; the most common varieties are low-fat quark (less than 10% fat in dry matter) and regular quark (min. 40% fat in dry matter). Due to the high water content in the finished product, the absolute fat content is rarely more than 10%, and in the case of low-fat curd quark less than 1%.

Brodowin quark is mild, has a slightly acidic taste and a creamy consistency. Made from fresh Demeter low-fat milk to which only lactic acid bacteria and microbial rennet are added. After about 24 hours of “thickening”, the quark is gelled. This jelly is then cut and the excess whey is separated from the quark by a sieve. Finally, the quark is stirred until creamy and filled into 250g cups. By adding cream, our low-fat quark turns into a regular quark.

Enjoy our Brodowiner quark pure, with herbs, for cooking and baking, for desserts or for the classic grandmother’s delicious cheesecake.