Ready-made meals from our kitchen

What should we do with crooked cucumbers and unsightly tomatoes? And what do we do with the harvest’s surplus vegetables? We are continually looking for answers to these important questions.
For many years our farm shop team has been making delicious Solyanka or lentil stew. The menu is always based on the available food and the current season. For example, after a generational change in the hen coop we have plenty of chickens for the pot. And during the cucumber harvest there are more cucumber specials on the daily menu.

A large part of these meals were well received by our guests, so in 2013 we began to make a small selection of ready-made dishes for home consumption. Now, we have about 40 different recipes in our assortment, which are prepared according to the season and food supply. For this purpose, we set up a kitchen at the location of our distribution center in Eberswalde. Some of the products are available in organic shops, while the complete range is available in our farm shop and from our “Brodowiner Ökokorb” delivery service.