Our Brodowin landscape is a wonderful bee pasture. Naturally, not all plants from which the nectar is collected are certified organic plants since one cannot control where the bees go. Honey only becomes an organic product through the correct bee-keeping practises. This means caring correctly and refraining from the use of pesticides against mites or the likes thereof.
The result is a multitude of different honeys that are gently extracted and filled. The Brodowiner honey comes from Silvio Krentz from Serwest, all varieties are available in organic shops, in our farm shop and through our direct sales “Brodowiner Ökokorb”.


Sommerblütenhonig (“Summer blossom honey”)

They are called “busy bees” for a good reason. As soon as spring is over, the summer nectar from the lime trees and red clovers is collected. The hotter the summer, the stronger and darker our Brodowiner summer blossom honey becomes.

Available in 500g and 250g glasses

Akazienhonig (“Acacia honey”)

Unlike the name suggests, this honey does not originate from acacias, but is collected in the Robinia forests from deciduous trees, also known as “false acacia”. From the nectar of its flowers, our bees make a bright, viscous honey with a delicate aroma. By virtue of its discreet sweetness, its uses include various forms of cooking and baking. Due to its high fruit sugar content, it remains liquid for a long time.

Available in 500g and 250g glasses.


Frühtrachthonig (“Early-flowering honey”)

This almost-white honey is acquired from plants that flower early in the year. It has a high glucose content and is particularly mild in taste. Due to its very low water content, the honey quickly becomes firm.

Available in 500g and 250g glasses.

Lime blossom honey

Our bees are quick to act when the Lime trees start blooming in the Schorfheide-Chorin Biosphere Reserve. The result of the collection work is a firm honey with a sweet and fruity taste. The intensity of the aroma depends on the proportion of lime nectar and is slightly reminiscent to the smell of mint.

Available in 500g and 250g glasses.