Biodynamic agriculture

Seeing the farm as an organism

Agriculture in Brodowin entails working with nature. We are committed to biodynamic agriculture. Our work is a a cycle that consists of soil, plants, animals and human beings. Through systematic crop rotation and targeted green manuring, we try return to the soil what we have taken from it. A special feature of bio-dynamic agriculture are our homeopathic substances, which give strength and vitality to the soil and the plants.

Holistically orientated agriculture

The roots of bio-dynamic agriculture date back to 1924, when Rudolf Steiner gave his pioneering speeches on “Humanity for the thriving of agriculture”. He designed the image of a holistically orientated agriculture as an alternative to the increasing use of synthetic fertilisers. As a result, Silesian farmers founded the “experimental ring of anthroposophical farmers”.

Out of respect for nature / Demeter

Steiner’s impulses turned into a powerful movement, named “Demeter” after the Greek Goddess of Fertility. In the forthcoming decades, the Demeter idea spread throughout the world. While intensive, conventional agriculture continues to increase its yields with little consideration for nature and the environment, more and more people are looking for an alternative. Demeter products satisfy the demand for this alternative.