Summer Pheasant’s Eye

At the end of May 2010 we were amazed by a remarkable development.

Amidst our rye fields, the beautiful red Summer Pheasant’s Eye began to blossom in great numbers. It is not only the beauty of these small flowers that draws us into their spell, but rather, their scarcity. The environmental agency of Brandenburg has confirmed: “This is the first discovery in northern Brandenburg since the 1960s and one of only two currently known places of existence in Brandenburg altogether.”

Wiese mit Adonisröschen

Why we’re so proud about this

The main reason for the recovery of this flower are our Demeter-agriculture practises. By deliberately not using herbicides, we first and foremost provide a chance for species such as the summer pheasant’s eye to grow. Furthermore, in order to grow, the plants need an area that is not used too intensively. This is exactly the environment that our fields provide.

The Summer Pheasant’s Eye thrives in dry, chalky and stony soils that pose difficulties for us farmers. We enjoy the beauty of this yearling, when it blossoms from May to June. The seeds which are formed can remain dormant for up to 50 years until new life grows out of them.

In 1984 the foundation for the protection of threatened species designated the summer pheasant’s eye as the flower of the year.