Our Goats

Our, approximately 220 Brodowin milk goats are true foodies. From spring to autumn they enjoy the fresh green pastures. In addition, they are also fed certain grains and hay. They sort through the hay and only eat what they truly enjoy! In our strictly ecological farming, the hay and grains come from our own farm.

Our goats are milked twice a day. The herd mainly consists of the “White German noble goat” breed, as well as some “Toggenburgers” and “Saanen goats”. All of them are considered to be milking goats. A good dairy animal produces about 700 to 750 litres of milk per year. However, goat’s milk is a seasonal product as it is only available from Easter to Christmas. In the intervening 3 months, the lambs gestate in the wombs of the mother goats.

Ziegen im Melkstand

Every spring there is plenty of action in our goat shed. The first lambs are born in February. Each year, about 300 lambs are born, where twin births are also very common. The offspring spend the first days together with their mothers in the lamb stable. Then the “old ones” move back to their normal goat stable, where we can milk them twice a day.

Our fresh goat’s milk, the delicious goat’s cheese, our goat’s cheese in brine, an aromatic goat’s hardcheese and our Brodowin chilli sausage come from our Brodowin goat’s farm.