Social commitment

Due to the positive development of “Ökodorf Brodowin” over the last few years, we are in the fortunate position of fulfilling our responsibility towards our region and its people on a daily basis. As a long-time member of this community, we feel our main responsibility is to create job opportunities with long-term perspectives. This benefits us all. Through the diversity of jobs, various trade skills are used on the farm and help us produce our high quality products and care for our animals and nature.

Added to this, we also feel the need to participate beyond our regional borders and distribute food in times of surplus. Hence, for many years we have supported the Eberswalder Table as well as the Bahnhof Zoo’s soup kitchen. In this way, many people can enjoy our organic products who would normally not be able to afford them.

Furthermore, this close co-operation has brought us together with the Eberswalde Lebenshilfe. Every year hard working helpers support us with weeding, bottling our milk and various nature conservation measures. Moreover, the catering services of the “Lebenshilfe” workshop is a favourite lunchtime spot for many of our staff.

We gladly support local associations and clubs such as the Country Women’s Association Serwest, the church, our kindergarten “Seven Seas Dwarfs” and our senior citizens. To support and encourage convivial social interaction we lend our passenger trailer, and are happy when it is used for kindergarten festivities or Father’s Day outings.