Our partners and suppliers

Almas Garten

Hermersdorfer Str. 19
15374 Müncheberg / Obersdorf

In July 1999, Frank and Alma started setting up their own Demeter vegetable farm in Obersdorf near Buckow and in Jahnsfelde. On humus (form of mature compost) sandy soil, a wide variety of vegetables, fruits and herbs are cultivated.

(c) Almas Garten
(c) Almas Garten

Demeter-Gärtnerei Melchhof
Peter Sprenker
Alte Dorfstr. 20
16230 Melchow

With Demeter-nursery Melchhof we have found a reliable partner in vegetable production. Our assortments complement each other perfectly.

Demeter Landgut Pretschen GmbH & Co. KG

Sascha und Karina Philipp
Am Landgut 2
15913 Märkische Heide, OT Pretschen

The Landgut Pretschen supplies us with milk. The species-appropriate keeping and care of the cows, good raw milk and the commitment of Sascha and Karina Philipp have made it a pleasure to cooperate with them.

(c) Die Kuhhorster
(c) Die Kuhhorster

Ökohof Kuhhorst

Dorfstraße 9
16818 Kuhhorst


Since 2011, Kuhhorster have been producing according to the Demeter standard. A wide variety of animals and plants live and grow on their farm. Their broad product range is a reflection of the diversity on their farm. The Ökohof Kuhhorst supplies us with Demeter milk.

Ziegenhof Pörschke

Fred Pörschke
Dorfstraße 13
16230 Brodowin

The Pörschke family have been supporting us from the very beginning in housing our goats and to this day still supply us with fresh Demeter goat’s milk.

(c) Ziegenhof Pörschke
(c) Ziegenhof Pörschke

Demeter Hof Michael Langanke

Buchholzer Weg
16230 Serwest

Since 1 May 2009, Michael Langanke has been supplying us with animal milk from bio-dynamic farms. He has converted his business to be Demeter certified.

Hof Sommersdorf

Michael und Anke Spies
Meesiger Damm 29
D-17111 Sommersdorf

Our Demeter partner from Sommersdorf, supplies us with the bio-dynamic milk from his happy Mecklenburg cows.

(c) Hof Schwalbennest
(c) Hof Schwalbennest

Hof Schwalbennest

Martina und Ulrich Bressel
Pehlitz 3
16230 Brodowin OT Pehlitz

Cows, sheep, pigs, ducks and geese are kept on the nearby Demeter farm Schwalbennest. The Bressel family supplies us directly with their raw milk products.

Biobetrieb Susanne Labs

Gärtnergasse 2
16278 Angermünde OT Schmargendorf

The family-owned company Labs is a direct marketer of fruit and delicious juices. For example, we offer the delicious apple juice from Labs, pressed from apples in our region. One son, Stefan Labs, helps harvest apples on the family farm in summer.

Bioimkerei Silvio Krentz

Dorfstraße 23
16230 Chorin OT Serwest


The organic quality from Serwest makes our lives sweeter. Silvio Krentz produces his honey according to ecological principles. His bee colonies swarm over our fields, here in the Schorfheide-Chorin Biosphere Reserve. This promotes pollination and lets plants grow in a healthier environment.

Silvio Krentz
(c) Biohof Engler
(c) Biohof Engler

BIOLAND Ökohof Engler

Gartenstr. 41
16278 Angermünde


Englers take care of their poultry with much love and care. They have been supplying us with eggs of the highest quality for years. Englers have a certified organic farm.

Märkisches Landbrot GmbH

Joachim Weckmann
Bergiusstraße 36
12057 Berlin

Who does not know the delicious bread from the Demeter bakery “Märkisches Landbrot” in Berlin? If the answer to that question is a “no”, we highly recommend to try out their products. A substantial part of our grains are processed there by Joachim Weckmann’s team. We deliberately cultivate old grains, some of which have long been forgotten. The special bread types of Brodowin are made from these grains.

(c) Märkisches Landbrot
(c) Märkisches Landbrot
(c) Herrmannsdorfer Landwerkstätten
(c) Herrmannsdorfer Landwerkstätten

Herrmannsdorfer Landwerkstätten
Glonn GmbH & Co. KG

Herrmannsdorf 7
85625 Glonn

Herrmannsdorf attaches great importance to the ‘Species-appropriate husbandry and respect for animals’. This, and the delicate taste of their products, are why we buy an abundance of our sausage assortment from them.

Tölzer Kasladen GmbH

Königsdorfer Strasse 22 G
83646 Bad Tölz

Since 1972, the Tölzer Kasladen have been using exclusively handcrafted cheeses of the highest quality and lets them mature in their own ripening rooms. All of their products come from carefully selected farm and village cheese dairies, alpine farms and monasteries. Tölzer Kasladen have been working together with these since their beginning.
A large number of cheese specialities are available via our delivery service and are a great complement to our product range.

(c) Markus Stoffel
(c) Markus Stoffel

Lunower Landfleischerei Künkel GmbH

Bauernstraße 10
16248 Lunow-Stolzenhagen

The know-how and experience of the nearby family business in Lunow convinced us to work together. Here, our animals are slaughtered with care and a large part of our sausage products of the brand “Ökodorf Brodowin” are produced there.

(c) Seenfischerei Angermünde
(c) Seenfischerei Angermünde

Seenfischerei Angermünde
Inhaber Thomas Löwe
Bleiche 1
16278 Angermünde

The fishery from Angemünde has been fishing the inland waters of our region for many years. A small selection of carp, pike and tench are available through our delivery service.

Eiland Landwirt Frank Richter

Grimme 12
17326 Brüssow

At Frank Richter’s Bioland certified farm, the chickens have plenty of space. He mostly grows the feed for his laying hens himself.