Vegetable growing and gardening

We focus on variety, freshness and quality. The sowing, planting, care, harvesting and preparation of the vegetables are carried out by 6 employees all year round. During particularly labour-intensive periods, up to 16 seasonal workers from the region support us. The Brodowin’s nursery is one of the largest Demeter nurseries in Germany, with 30 hectares of open field cultivation and 2,000m²  greenhouse area.

In organic farming, chemical pesticides are not used. The workload in the Brodowin nursery is far higher than in conventional agriculture which means that a considerable amount of manual labour is necessary! Weed control is accomplished through refined hacking techniques. In addition, we also use equipment specially developed for organic farming, such as the flame device, where weeds in the fields are burnt before sowing starts.

Rosenkohlernte im Herbst

In addition to cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce, insects are also welcome in our greenhouse. The bumblebee colonies living in our greenhouse help pollinate the plants. Other insects, such as ladybirds and parasitic wasps, locate themselves there in order to keep the plants free of pests. In this way, we can avoid the use of poisonous pesticides and provide more than 20 different seasonal vegetables from our fields and greenhouse. Our Brodowiner Ökokorb delivery service is a particularly convenient way to get hold of our freshly harvested vegetables.