Top grade “Very Good” at Stiftung Warentest

In June 2013, Stiftung Warentest investigated wether or not local foods deliver on their promises. Our full-cream milk in the innovative single use packaging received the best grade (“Very Good”) in this test.

Link to the article at Stiftung Warentest



Cheese tasting 2012

We won two awards in this year.

Firstly, we were awarded the quality prize for the VHM – Verbandskäseprüfung 2012 in the category “soft cheese”. The sensory criteria such as appearance, consistency, smell and taste were examined by a jury of experts.

Our red Brodowin soft cheese convinced not only the experts, but also passed the popularity test and won the audience award.



2nd place at the DKB Agricultural Prize

The agricultural prize of the Deutsche Kreditbank AG, was awarded under the theme “Foundations for sustainable development”. The jurors praised above all our “exemplary preservation of the natural resources needed for living and production” and our commitment to nature conservation.
More about the DKB Agricultural Prize can be found here


Future award Brandenburg

Awarded by the Märkische Oderzeitung and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of East Brandenburg for special entrepreneurial achievements: societal commitment and sustainability.
The film about the award ceremony can be found here Link


Eco-Test “very good”

Our Demeter fresh milk is of the highest quality.  An eco-test carried out microbiological examinations, sensory tests and tests for harmful substances. Our Brodowin milk convinced examiners in all categories.


Crystal clear quality

The Ministry of Rural Development, Environment and Consumer Protection has repeatedly awarded our mozzarella as a “top quality” product.


DLG gold and silver

Two gold and two silver medals were awarded by the German Agricultural Society for our full cream milk and our low-fat milk.

DLG bronze

This prize was for our salami, awarded by the German Agricultural Society, for excellent characteristics and best taste.

Innovation Award Bio-Food Processing

Awarded at the Anuga in Cologne, for the introduction of our environmental and resource-saving milk bag.

Crystal clear quality

The Ministry of Rural Development, Environment and Consumer Protection awarded our mozzarella as a “top quality” product.


Funding award for organic farming

Awarded by the Federal Minister Renate Künast, for exemplary marketing strategies and innovative business management.


Award for outstanding raw milk quality

Awarded by the Ministry of Consumer Protection of the State of Brandenburg.


Competition winner

The five-year nature conservation project “Naturschutzhof Brodowin” to investigate the impact of organic farming on nature, funded by the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation.


Demonstration farm for organic farming

The Federal Ministry of Agriculture allocated this flagship award to our Demeter company.


Regional brand of the Schorfheide-Chorin Biosphere Reserve

Awarded for exemplary nature-oriented agriculture, product quality and marketing.


Winner of the “TATorte” contest

This prize was awarded by the German Federal Foundation for the Environment to Brodowin for exemplary social and environmentally friendly ideas of small communities.