Each of our bottles describes the story of our juices:

for a long time, the apples from the orchards and a large part of our vegetable harvest were processed into bottled juices. Demand was high, but our customers were also interested in fresh, unprocessed Brodowin fruit.
That is why we decided to handover the juice production to our trusted partners and also why Brodowin vegetables are no longer in our juices today. However, our concept has remained in place, which is why Voelkel & Beutelsbacher still ensure the same high quality juices as only the best ingredients from natural, biodynamic agriculture are processed.

Our apple juice is still an exception to this rule. Every autumn, Waldorf pupils from Berlin visit and help us with the apple harvest on the orchards. Around 5000 bottles can be filled every year. The limited quantity makes our apple juice a seasonal product.

You can buy Brodowiner fruit and vegetable juices directly from our farm shop and from the delivery service “Brodowiner Ökokorb”.


Cloudy apple juice

A whole kilogram of apples from our orchards is in a bottle of Brodowin apple juice. Freshly squeezed, natural and without added sugar.

Available in 0,7L bottle.


Carrot juice

From the field directly into the bottle. In addition to crunchy carrots, a dash of lemon juice is added to our freshly squeezed carrot juice. Interesting fact: the vitamin-A contained in carrots is more effectively absorbed by the human body once the carrots have been mechanically processed, for example, by pressing or rasping. Every sip is pure energy!

Available in 0,7L bottle.

Apfel-Möhren Saft

Apple-Carrot juice

Everyone, bus especially children, love our Brodowin apple-carrot juice. The perfect blend of sweet and juicy, without any added sugar.

Available in 0,7L bottle.

Rote Bete Saft

Beetroot juice

After gentle pressing of the beetroot tubers, the juice is fermented with the help of lactic acid bacteria L (+). We recommend this drink as it is easy on the stomach, especially when fasting.

Available in 0,7L bottle.

Apfel-Rote Bete Saft

Apple-Beetroot juice

Our newest addition to the Brodowin juice family is a blend you may not yet have seen before. Fruity apples and bitter beetroot add up to a unique mix that you should definitely try.

Available in 0,7L bottle.