Our modern glass dairy

Our own dairy plant is located directly next to the pastures, where we process our freshly milked Demeter produce on a daily basis. Through a large glass façade, you can watch and experience how we make mozzarella and cheese, for example. The buildings architecture combines state-of-the-art technology and GDR architecture: under the roof of the old Bergehalle from GDR times, the dairy plant is formed in the shape of a modern glass cube.

The workers in our dairy plant use traditional handcrafted methods. We pay strong attention to the careful and accurate production of our dairy products, because milk is a sensitive product that tastes even better when processed gently. In the production of our fresh drinking milk, for example, we deliberately refrain from homogenising. This is the only way to preserve the natural and original taste of our quality Demeter milk.


Every product from our dairy plant is a valuable food source, bio-dynamically produced according to Demeter guidelines. If you visit us in Brodowin, you can buy our fresh dairy products in the farm shop, located a stones throw away from the dairy plant. Every morning we also deliver to the organic wholesalers while we supply our “Brodowiner Ökokorb” to private households, kindergartens and cafés. Fresh drinking milk, goat milk, cheese made from cow’s milk, goat’s milk cheese as well as butter and curd cheese is available from our modern dairy farm.