Bauernkäse Tomate-Basilikum

Cow’s milk cheese

In Brodowin, we process the best Demeter milk from our own, species-appropriate animal husbandry into delicious pasta filata, hard and soft cheese. You can buy many varieties in organic specialist shops, in our farm shop and through our direct sales office “Brodowiner Ökokorb”.

Mozzarella Stil


Our delicious pasta filata cheese is fresh and juicy. Many know it as “mozzarella”, traditionally made from buffalo milk. However, due to its mildly acidic taste, the cow’s milk cheese ball is also an excellent partner for numerous appetisers and dishes.

Brodowin Mozzarella in brine is available in the following sizes:
• Classic 125g ball
• Minimozzarella, 8 pieces of 15g each

Cocktail-Mini-Mozzarella (8 balls) in brine, in 2 variations:
• with garden herbs
• with mediterranean herbs

Soft cheese

Loads of labour and even more patience!

That’s how we make our Red Brodowiner:

  • The freshly extracted full-cream milk from our cows is gently pasteurised and placed with natural lactic acid bacteria and microbial rennet.
  • Curd and whey are separated carefully by stirring. The curd is then filled into round soft cheese moulds.
  • The next day, the cheese is put into a salt bath. In the ripening room, the cheese takes at least 12 days to develop its mild aroma and typical taste. During this time, regular care with red cultures and salt produces the natural bark with the characteristic red colour.
Roter Brodowiner
Bauernkäse Pfeffer

Brodowin farm cheese

Our Brodowin farmer’s cheese is a mild, slightly spicy hard cheese with a sliceable but delicate consistency.
It ripens in our cheese cellar for at least 4 weeks in an optimal climate, but it is only through constant and conscientious cheese care, such as turning, brushing and salting, that the natural rind (suitable for consumption) and typical taste of Brodowin’s farm cheese is created.

Our hard cheeses are available in multiple varieties: “Nature”, “Carrot-Pumpkin”, “Green Pepper” and “Gouda” (with wafer-thin wax coating). With each season the varieties: “spring herbs”, “chilli tomato”, “tomato basil”, “fenugreek” and “walnut” alternate.

Cream cheese

The simple herbs, a slight mild hotness and fruity tomatoes are what make our Brodowin cream cheese a delicious light spread. The cream cheese from the cup also tastes uniquely delicious with freshly peeled potatoes.

Available in 2 variants:

  • “chilli tomato” in a 200g cup
  • “garden herbs” in a 200g cup