Extract from the Statutes

§1 Name, Legal Structure, Location

  1. The foundation is called Ökodorf Brodowin Stiftung für Umwelt und Soziales and is located in Brodowin.
  2. It is a foundation with no legal capacity and is in the fiduciary administration of Ökodorf Brodowin Landwirtschafts GmbH & Co. KG (“foundation bearer”) in Brodowin and is exclusively represented by the latter in legal and business transactions.

§2 The Purpose of the foundation

1. The purpose of the foundation is 

1.1 to promote and improve nature conservation, landscape management and the environment according to the Federal Nature Conservation Act and the nature conservation laws of the states (“Bundesländer”);

1.2. to promote science, research and education with environmental objectives;

1.3. to support persons in need, who are dependent on the help of others because of their physical, mental or psychological condition;

1.4. to provide support to children and young people from low-income families within the framework of § 53 No. 2 AO, in particular to give them access to educational institutions and educational events which they would not be able to attend with their own financial means;

1.5. to promote youth and elderly care;

1.6. to promote civic engagement in favour of charitable, benevolent or ecclesiastical purposes.

2. The purpose of the Statutes shall be achieved in particular by

2.a. the donation to the above-mentioned persons and projects;

2.b. support for the provision of areas for biotope and species protection;

2.c. the creation, maintenance and care of biotopes and hiking trails on the territory of the municipality of Chorin and its surrounding area;

2.d. the purchase of land for the purpose of nature and species conservation or organic farming;

2.e. the implementation of tangible measures such as
– the creation and maintenance of forest edges and hedges
– the renaturation and maintenance of fields, lakeshores and wet meadows
– the creation of field borders
– the maintenance of orchard meadows
– the reconstruction and maintenance of bat roosts
in the field of nature conservation and/or landscape management;

2.f. the organisation of events and measures which draw the public’s attention to the purposes pursued by the Foundation;

2.g. cooperation with other non-profit or public associations, bodies or organisations pursuing the same or similar objectives;

2.h. the award of scholarships in the field of nature and species conservation

2.i. the award of travel grants for participation in specialist congresses, other scientific courses and research projects in Germany and abroad;

2.j. the award of grants for material expenses (technical equipment, working materials, scientific literature, writing and printing costs);

2.k. the organisation or support of scientific events and research projects;

2.l. the organisation of educational and/or training events in the form of conferences, seminars, lectures and excursions;

2.m. the implementation of nature hikes and trips;

2.n. the maintenance of an archive;

2.o. the creation of special employment opportunities for people with physical or mental disabilities and other persons in need of help to integrate them into daily life;

2.p. the creation and maintenance of housing and/or workshops for persons in need of assistance;

2.q. training the ecological awareness and creativity of children, young people and senior citizens

The purpose of the foundation is also realised by the fact that the foundation provides funds for other, likewise tax-privileged corporations under private law or corporations under public law to realise tax-deductible purposes.
Ein Rechtsanspruch auf Leistungen der Stiftung besteht nicht.