The Ökodorf Brodowin Gisela und Werner Upmeier Foundation

Foundation for Nature Conservation, Environment and Social Affairs

The Ökodorf Brodowin Foundation was established to provide support to nature conservation projects, social projects and regional associations. Further information can be found on the following pages.


The establishment of the foundation is closely connected with the development of the agricultural enterprise “Ökodorf Brodowin” after 1990.
In order to be able to realise its long term goals, regardless of the number of members of the association, the Ökodorf Brodowin Landwirtschafts e.V. decided to place its assets in the hands of a foundation that does not have legal capacity.
The choice of the right trustee is of great importance for a non-legally capable foundation. As a legal entity of the foundation, the Ökodorf Brodowin Landwirtschafts GmbH & Co. KG is suitable because of the solidarity and role its employees and shareholders already played in the establishment of the association. Furthermore, the Ökodorf Brodowin Landwirtschafts GmbH & Co. KG also has considerable expertise in the areas which the foundation intends to promote. In this respect, the already existing expertise enables the foundation’s purpose to be achieved particularly effectively.
The future trustee, Ökodorf Brodowin Landwirtschafts GmbH & Co. KG would like to take account of its socio-political responsibility for the region by assuming the trusteeship. It will ensure that the Foundation, on its own initiative, implements projects worthy of support on the basis of the Foundation’s statutes or supports measures of third parties.
After the dissolution of the old agricultural cooperative Ökodorf Brodowin eG, which has become redundant, the remaining assets of the eG, including in particular the “Alte Mühle” property, will be transferred to the association.
Donors are expressly invited to increase the assets of the foundation, to join the goals and in this way contribute to an environment worth living in and to show responsibility for fellow human beings in need.

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