Randwirtschaft (“The restaurant on the edge”)

Possibly the only certified organic theatre restaurant in Germany

Germany’s only certified organic theatre restaurant lies in the midst of the wonderful Oder river landscape. Its location directly next to the theatre has a distinctly rustic ambience created through the timer and clay buildings. This restaurant on the edge of the Oder region, and the edge of Germany, has everything that you need. Nothing more and nothing less. Simply good.

Traditional cooking meets organic produce. Where possible, ingredients with the best Demeter quality from our own farm are used, virtually from the adjacent fields. The meals are freshly prepared in our open plan kitchen.

The view can be enjoyed with exquisit traditional dishes from the region that are creatively prepared. The daily specials are served according to the performance schedule.

In addition, our small bar also offers delicious regional juices and drinks. And those who drop by in the afternoon, can even enjoy home-made cake as well as coffee specialities.

After your visit you will feel inspired and relaxed. We look forward to seeing you!

The theatre on the edge (“Das Theater am Rand”)

The landscape dictates the rules. A simple yet professional handmade theatre which was rebuilt several times. In the end there was still space and a new house was built. The “real theatre”, made of wood. Moving forward slowly but surely.

Here the stories of mankind are told. Happy, bitter, tender, strong, quiet, loud, always deliberate, always playful. From head to toe. Pieces from books. Narrative genre. Language and music, images and sounds, words and melodies merge into a piece of art.

The actors and operators of the theatre are the accordionist Tobias Morgenstern and the actor Thomas Rühmann.


Here you decide what an evening in the theatre is worth to you.

Regular admission on departure. Pay what the artists need. The theatre will give you a recommendation.

Come into the open and drift with the wind.

Menu and opening times


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At Randwirtschaft we normally open our doors two hours before the play begins – therefore the opening times depend on the performance schedule. In the summer months we are normally always open from Friday to Sunday and on public holidays. The current information and opening times can always be viewed on our website: https://theateramrand.de/#theater_spielplan

You can also follow our social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram, as well as the performance schedule of the theatre.

For questions or reservations please send us an email or give us a phone call:

Tel.: 0179 2616990

E-Mail: randwirtschaft@brodowin.de