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The Evolution of the Brodowin Mozzarella

Since the commissioning of the dairy plant on our farm, our range of dairy products has expanded significantly. Besides curd cheese, cream cheese, soft cheese and semi-hard cheese, our Brodowin mozzarella is one of our most popular cheeses.

For years our attentive staff have been making the delicious Pasta Filata cheese, known to many as mozzarella. The various bacterial cultures influence the consistency, aroma, taste and colouring, giving the cheese its unique mild character.

In order to achieve optimum quality, the biggest challenge is to grow only the desired culture on the corresponding cheese.

Mozzarella, in particular, reacts very sensitively to other cultures, as it has a low pH value.

Due to the different cheeses and cultures within our dairy plant, it has become increasingly difficult to maintain the desired quality of mozzarella. After a long period of deliberation, we therefore decided, to transfer our mozzarella production to FRANCIA.

Francia is a traditional family business, with Italian roots, specialising in the production of high quality mozzarella and ricotta. The dairy arose from a former dairy farm in the Pontine plain in Italy. After sustained growth the company decided to venture beyond the national borders and in the 90s after the fall of the wall, Francia opened a branch in Berlin. The company has now been producing in the German capital for almost 30 years and has established a renowned organic range.

FRANCIA is not (yet) Demeter certified since they use EU-Organic-Quality milk in addition to the Brodowin biodynamic milk. Therefore the product cannot currently be classified as Demeter. However, we hope that the Demeter certification is high on the to do list at FRANCIA.

Although the Brodowin mozzarella is no longer produced in Brodowin, our spirit and our concept remain part of the product with ingredients sourced from environmentally friendly agriculture .

We are pleased to have found a local organic partner so that we can continue to supply you with our Brodowin mozzarella.