Pre-packed Boxes – shopping made easy

Our pre-packed boxes of fruits and vegetables make shopping easy. Every week we come up with a new composition – so it never gets boring. Choose from the Single Box, the Regional Box, the Bland-Diet Box, the Brodowin Treasure Chest or even complete Recipe Boxes. This page provides an overview for all of our options.

Fruit and Vegetable Boxes

Eating fruit and vegetables regularly is not easy for everyone. The choice is large – sometimes too large – which is why some pre-selection can be very helpful. We have therefore prepared 9 different combinations for you in our shop, which can also be delivered to your home on a regular basis if you wish.

We always offer you the full selection – you can get tomatoes or cucumbers from us even in winter. These are of course not grown in Brodowin or the region since the winter days are too cold and dark here. Our first choice of procurement is southern Germany,  followed by southern Europe (Italy, Spain etc.). Produce like pineapples and bananas also come from South America or North Africa. We only choose produce that is supplied by sea because for every kilogram of food transported by air, up to 170 times more greenhouse gases are produced than by sea.

Why supply overseas products in the first place?

On the one hand we do not want to dictate our customers choices from a high horse. We offer a regional box with exclusively seasonal products from the region throughout the year. If you can get by with cabbage, turnip & co. for a longer period of time in winter then there is an option for you. However, if you would like to eat a salad or mango, you will find these products in organic quality with preference for association products (Demeter, Bioland etc.).

On the other hand, it is also a good thing to promote organic farming abroad. For example, people who work on organic banana plantations are not exposed to pesticides and often have generally better working conditions within the framework of fair co-ops. The environment must be thought of globally – organic farming in Peru or the Ivory Coast ultimately benefits all people on this planet.

Regional box

The Regional crate  is available in two different sizes: for € 15,-  or € 25,-

In it you will find seasonal fruit and vegetables, mainly from the region. In summer, for example, you can look forward to tomatoes from our greenhouse or black currants from partner operations in Brandenburg. In winter there are more cabbage, turnips and beetroot as well as fruits which can be stored for longer periods.

Raw food box

Do you want to eat exclusively raw vegetables or do you simply want to enjoy something fresh and quickly, without long preparation? Then we recommend our Raw food box with vegetables such as carrots, salad, kohlrabi or peppers.

The raw food box is available in four different sizes: for 7,50 €, 10,- €, 15,- € or 17,50 €.

Bland-diet box

The Bland diet box  is available in different sizes: for € 7,50; € 10,- ; € 15,-  or € 17,50.

The bland-diet box contains foods that are easy on the stomach and do not cause bloating.

Fruit box

As the name suggests, the fruit box  contains only fruit. This ranges from stone fruit to tropical fruit. We focus on seasonal local fruits and tropical fruits that can be consumed directly. Lemons or limes, for example, do not go into the box.

The fruit box is available in 5 different sizes, for 5,- €, 7,50 €, 10,- €, 15,- € or 17,50 €.

Single box

The single box is only available in one size (€ 10,-). It contains fruit and vegetables in small portions for a single person house hold.

Vegetable box

Our vegetable box is available in four different sizes: € 7,50; € 10,00; € 15,00 & € 17,50. It contains various vegtables with a focus on seasonal availability. Both raw vegetables and varieties that need to be cooked are combined in the vegetable box.

Fruit office box

It’s the little things that matter.

This is also applicable to the office box with fresh fruits. It is available in two different sizes of either € 15,00 or € 30,00.Your colleagues will be delighted!

Vegetable Office Box

The Vegetable Office Box contains a variety of raw vegetables, such as carrots, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes or kohlrabi. They are ideal as a fresh snack or salad between meals. The vegetable office box is available in two different sizes, for 15,- € and for 30,-€.

Fruit and Veggie Office Box

You will find the perfect mix in our fruit and veggie office box. The composition changes every week which results in a great variety!

Depending on the number of employees you can choose between two sizes, for 15€ and 30€.

Recipe Box

With our recipe box, cooking becomes child’s play – from starters to dessert. Simply select one of our dishes and we will deliver the ingredients, including recipe, to your door. We regularly adapt our selection of recipes to the season.

Brodowin treasure chest

Die Brodowin treasure chest is the perfect option if you would like to discover the range of Brodowin products. You will receive a 15% discount and you will be provided with all basic food.