All or nothing

Because we value life

We do things right. In Brodowin, animals are an inseparable part of everyday farm life. We grow their feed on our arable land – they supply us with milk and eggs and they produce the fertiliser for our soils. A meaningful cycle that illustrates the value of each individual link in the chain.

This also includes the slaughter and processing of meat. For us it goes without saying: we don’t cherry pick – we process the whole animal. From head to toe.

This value must be respected and preserved – from start to finish


gefluegelprodukteWhat are we doing better than others? We take responsibility!

For example, for “brother” roosters. On average one male chick hatches for every female laying hen. All chickens, male and female, have a genetic predisposition to lay eggs rather than produce breast meat. Of course only the hens actually lay eggs though. This is why in conventional chicken farming, the male animals are usually killed immediately after hatching and therefore their lives are denied any value.

We give “brother” roosters a chance to really be roosters. Parallel to each of our 1,600 laying hens, we also raise a brother rooster every year. All animals receive the same biodynamic feed from our farm, are allowed to scratch in the ground under the open sky and are reared according to Demeter guidelines for up to 22 weeks.

Poultry products from Brodowin

Resourcefulness and flexibility enable us to feasibly rear the Brodwin roosters. This is financed by two means, on the one hand by slightly adjusted prices for the eggs. On the other hand, and most importantly, by processing the poultry meat into various high grade products. The entire animal, from head to toe, is utilised in this process.

The following ready-made meals are available in the Brodowin range:

Fricassee • Soups • Casseroles • Stews

We also have a large variety of poultry sausages:

Leberwurst • Mettwurst • Wiener Würstchen • Salami • Knacker

Even the caracasses are used to cook hundreds of litres of broth every year.

Tasty and delicious!

Have you tried the chicken fricassee yet? The best chicken meat is combined with carrots, leeks and capers to form a light sauce that goes really well with rice. It is cooked directly in a jar which makes it last for a long time and simply needs to be reheated before eating.

As for all of our products, the fricassee is prepared from vegetables from our own farm where even deformed vegetables are used.

Where can you buy it?

Brodowin poultry products are delivered directly to your doorstep with the Brodowin delivery service.

With every purchase you make on the Online Shop you support our important work for humans and animals.