Environmentally friendly – from production to delivery

In many districts of Berlin’s city centre we already deliver our organic boxes with the help of electric bicycles. For this purpose, we now work together with four bicycle logistics companies, namely: Velogista, Urban Cargo, Fahrwerk and VeloCarrier. These have e-bikes with refrigerated containers, so that your order arrives fresh and intact at your home.

Our experience has been very positive and we are delighted about the excellent support and partnership in the logistics sector, especially in these times of great demand for our delivery service. Numerous areas in the centre of Berlin will be supplied 100% by bicycles in the near future.

Cooled by the sun

A very special container has been standing at Berlin’s Südkreuz since 2018. The former refrigerated container of one of our vehicles was brought back to life some time ago as a so-called microhub.

Together with DB Energie Velogista and inno2grid, we have created the basis for sustainable and emission-free transport of food in the city centre. How does this work? Quite simple:
The electricity for cooling the container and also for charging the e-bike batteries is generated directly on site – from solar collectors from inno2grid’s zeemobase. As per usual, we deliver your food boxes in deposit crates and store them in the refrigerated container. Velogista, the bike logistics company, carries out the delivery with the help of environmentally friendly electiric cargo bicycles.
The location was not chosen by chance either, as the Berlin Südkreuz railway station is particularly well connected as the “railway station of the future”. Local public transport and innovative loading and storage systems for vehicles interlink here to form attractive public transport hubs.
Ultimately, every food product that comes to your home via the Brodowin delivery service is grown green, stored green and transported green. We are proud to be able to do our part.

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The Network: Grüne Stadtlogistik (“Green City Logistics”)

In order to perfectly coordinate the delivery and the cooperation of all logistics providers, a reliable network with inner-city distribution centres is needed for a sustainable, resilient and comprehensive transport solution.
Here we work together with Grüne Stadtlogistik, whose software accompanies the process and ensures efficient and transparent delivery.

Our Brodowin products are delivered to various inner-city distribution centres, from where they are individually distributed without emissions. The software solution links the network partners with independent cycle contractors and ensures efficient and reliable delivery to your home or office.