Tasty milk in convenient packaging

You can choose –
Fresh Brodowin organic milk is also available in convenient disposable packaging!

The constant demand from our customers for disposable packaging for our milk motivated us to look for a reasonable alternative to the glass bottle. This resulted in a packaging concept that meets our ecological and product-specific requirements and is a good supplement to deposit bottles.


Our modern milk packaging….

… consists of 40% natural chalk (calcium carbonate).
Combined with recyclable plastic, this results in a very light packaging which, with its weight of 16g, is more economical in energy and water consumption than other disposable packaging. It reduces waste, because less weight means less waste.
The material of this milk bag is called Calymer™ and has been developed by the Swedish company Ecolean. Both the packaging and the associated filling machines are produced and further developed by Ecolean. Ecolean was founded in 1996, employs approx. 200 people and meanwhile supplies to more than 38 countries.

We are the first company in Germany to use this disposable packaging, and for a good reason.

Überzeugend im Vergleich:

Energieverbrauch bei der Herstellung des Rohmaterials für 100.000 Verpackungen zu je 1 Liter
Abwassermenge auf 1000 Liter bei der Herstellung des Rohmaterials für 100.000 Verpackungen
Abfallaufkommen bei der Produktion des Rohmaterials für 100.000 Verpackungen zu je 1 Liter
Entstehende Treibhausgase bei der Herstellung des Rohmaterials von 100.000 Verpackungen zu je 1 Liter
  1. Brodowin milk bag
  2. Carton packaging
  3. Carton packaging with lid
  4. HDPE-bottle
  5. PET- bottle

Source: Ecolean AB
(Milk bag manufacturer, study from the USA)

Advantages at a glance:

  • full flavour is maintained
  • longer durability
  • tear resistance and stability even when almost empty
  • easy and convenient opening
  • less packaging waste
  • product-friendly filling
  • less creaming*

*We deliberately refrain from homogenising our milk, which is why our milk creams. However, due to the flexible material of our milk bag, the creaming is significantly reduced.