For exhibitors

Every single artist, craftsman and tradesman contributes to the success of the farm festival, which is why we welcome every new request for participation.
Every year we send out invitations to exhibitors from previous years, which need to be returned to us by 31 March. Numerous new addresses have also been added to our invitation list, and we have already met some of these exhibitors at other trade fairs and events.

If you would like to present your craft or (organic) assortment of goods at our farm festival, you will find the necessary documents here. Please complete these and send them to us signed by fax or e-mail. Please take note of the general conditions for participation in the Brodowin farm Festival.


E-Mail: hoffest@brodowin.de
Fax: 03334-81 81 319

Your contact person for questions is Christian Boldt (03334-81 81 311).