The Brodowiner organic basket

TV-Report “Der Brodowiner Ökokorb” / 3,56 Min.
Where does the eco-basket actually come from? The report from 2007 leads us directly to the eco-village Brodowin. We will show you the craftsmanship in our dairy plant and greenhouse – and of course, how our fresh products reach our customers via the Brodowin eco-basket.

The Brodowiner eco-basket – short commercial

TV-Spot “Der Brodowiner Ökokorb” / 0,41 Min.
Fresh, convenient, local – that is Brodowin’s eco-basket!

Our milk at the Bio-Company

Warm sunshine, lush meadows and the scent of herbs – this describes the beauty of the eco-village of Brodowin. And this is also where our cows graze, which is one of the reasons why the Bio Company is so satisfied with our milk. In this short film we are presented by our partner. A great cooperation that has been going on for years.

Partner of the experience diversity campaign

Brodowin is one of many partners in the experience diversity initiative. The film summarises the reasons behind the action initiated by Alnatura and at the same time praises the more than 100,000 signatories of the public petition against genetic engineering in agriculture. The petition, which has been successfully submitted, is currently at the stage of parliamentary scrutiny.

Interview of the Brodowiner eco-basket at the IGW 2016

Every year Brodowin presents itself at the International Green Week. In 2016 we received a visit from TV Berlin at our booth. Our public relations spokeswoman, Franziska Rutscher, talks about the farm, the delivery service “Brodowiner Ökokorb” and why it is worth your while to order goods from Brodowin.

2nd Place at the DKB Agricultural Prize 2011

A company portrait / 6,21 Min.
For ecological sustainability, we were awarded second place at the DKB Agricultural Prize 2011, which stood under the theme “Foundations for Sustainable Development”. The film presents our agriculture, animal husbandry, dairy and delivery service.

Brodowin is “Alnatura NaturKultur” partner

On its website, Alnatura presents partner companies which use handcrafted production methods. These supply the Alnatura stores of the respective region with fresh produce every day. We have been delivering to the Alnatura stores in Berlin since 2006. See where our freshly harvested vegetables grow and the fresh dairy products are produced!

Brodowin at Deutsche Welle TV

“A different way of doing business: ecological and successful” This was the title of the report of our Demeter farm on Deutsche Welle TV. The focus was on our 260 dairy cows and, of course, the fresh milk that we process daily in our Brodowin dairy plant. BfN project: Environmental optimisation of large-scale organic farming using the Demeter farm Ökodorf Brodowin, Brandenburg Environmental Agency Biosphere Reserve Schorfheide-Chorin as an example.

Future Prize Brandenburg 2010

A company portait / 2,51 Min.
In 2010, our Demeter company was awarded the Brandenburg Future Prize by the Märkische Oderzeitung and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of East Brandenburg. This award honours special entrepreneurial achievements: social commitment as well as sustainability.

Film reports on nature conservation in organic farming

Introduction to the contents of the films / 0,40 Min

The project nature conservation farm Brodowin/ 7,32 Min

Field birds in organic farming / 11,16 Min

Amphibians in organic farming / 8,22 Min

Insects in organic farming / 10,16 Min

Rabbits in the spotlight / 9,16 Min

Nature Conservation and Profitability / 10,59 Min